Professionalism; or lack thereof

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By the time you will be reading this, one of the most pathetic events in the Competitive Call of Duty scene will have just ended. Impact Karma, one fourth of the Call of Duty Championship winning Team Impact, just set back the Call of Duty community back to square one with an embarrassing lack of judgement.

Karma spent a few hours streaming early Thursday morning after a night of heavy drinking. He took cheap verbal shots throughout the night at fellow professional player OpTic NadeShot, saying:

I’m better than NadeShot hammered, how the Fu*%k do you feel NadeShot?

Oh look at this guy, he think’s he’s NadeShot, he thinks he’s good!

Embarrassing. Embarrassing for Karma, for Team Impact, for 360 Icons who just picked up Impact for MLG Anaheim, and for the Call of Duty community as a whole. This just brings to light a terrible trend in the Call of Duty community where sponsors are failing to hold their players to a high professional standard, and come down hard on them when players make a mockery of the community and the sponsors who keep it running. It’s common for Call of Duty Pro’s to go on twitter rampages calling out anyone and everyone in profanity laced tweets, or to call each other out in a negative way, also known as “roasting”, each other in live streamed competitive pickup matches, and none of this ridiculous behavior has been met with repercussions from a sponsor.

I’m sure at some point we’ve all done what Karma did tonight, you go out and have fun, make mistakes, and regret it later, it happens, and Karma isn’t the only one at fault here. He is a product of the environment that the community deems acceptable. Until sponsors start revoking and dropping players for behavior that poorly represents their brands, incidents like these, that reflect poorly on the Call of Duty community as whole, will continue to happen.

Update: As of 3:22 AM EST Karma’s twitch account was flagged for inappropriate content.


4 thoughts on “Professionalism; or lack thereof

  1. Seriously NO one gives a fuck, Hes having fun. Maybe you should! instead of writing silly stupid posts. VIRGIN

  2. you want to talk about embarrassing? what about when nadeshot exploits little kids in pubs acting like a pedophile just to get views… Now that, is pathetic and setting back the cod community.

    • Thanks for your comment: I’m not aware of Nadeshot doing that, but I dont keep up with him religiously you may be right. I think if thats the case then it’s also a poor reflection on the community as a whole.

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