Hello and thanks for visiting Gaming and Sedition!

As of now all of the content here is written by me, HalfSum. I’m currently studying at a Boston area university, but when i’m not in the classroom or library, i’m reading up on all things about competitive video games. A little while ago I decided that instead of spending a ludicrous amount of time scouring the internet for gaming news, that I could do something a little more constructive and spend ludicrous amounts of time being a primary source and maybe someday an authority on competitive gaming news.

My goal with Gaming and Sedition is to provide a simple website to people that relays major gaming news in an informative manner with no added fluff. Besides the standard “main story” storys that will dominate the frontpage, our news will also be in the form of game reviews, game accessory reviews, and articles. Hopefully after some positive feedback, we’ll add a visual representation to our line up via Youtube.

For now, I hope that you enjoy our content, and if you do be sure to come back.

The best way to reach me is through twitter, follow me: @HalfSum

If your inquiry is over 140 characters, then send me an email at:

Have a good one,



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