SoaR Pro Roster Rollercoaster

SoaR, a professional Call of Duty organization, made three roster changes in less than 20 hours this week. SoaR Methodz, SoaR Pro captain had a busy few days keeping his twitter followers up to date with his teams revolving door of roster changes that included Replays, Ricky, and Complex.

Methodz shed some insight as to what happened with the roster changes on Sunday’s “TheWRant” talkshow:

“Complex right now is on the Roster… Here’s the position we’re at:  The “team builder” (An official pro team roster with MLG)  was me Lawless, Mboze, and Fluff. Your allowed to drop one player from the team builder between Dallas and Anaheim. We decided to drop Fluff just because Fluff was defiant and wouldn’t send an email, so Lawless sent it, and Complex join the team builder. So it was me, Mboze, and Complex only. Then we picked up Replays, so Replays joined. Then I thought Complex left the team and then Ricky joined… Complex submitted the F/A (Free Agent) file. He filed for F/A, and they put his order on hold. So basically we’re at the point right now where, if Complex gets off this team then theres a high chance we lose our Champ Bracket seed (For Anaheim). And i’m not, the teams not willing to lose our sixth seed  to go through open bracket for one player, it’s not going to happen. I dont want to drop Ricky, I like our roster of me Ricky, Mboze, and Replays. But when there’s something where we’re forced to lose our seed and have to go through open bracket  all again after we’ve  proved ourselves and we’ve proved that we’ve deserved this seed, it’s just not worth it.”

So from Methodz telling of what happened, here’s a more organized sequence of events:

1. SoaR picks up Complex

2. SoaR picks up Replays

3. Complex “leaves” SoaR

3. SoaR picks up Ricky

5. SoaR drops Ricky for Complex due to loss of Championship Seed

Methodz would later confirm the SoaR roster on twitter of himself, Mboze, Replays, and Complex.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 12.49.15 AM